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It is the act of causing motion to objects by scientifically inexplicable means like using psychic forces with the spiritualist without the use of any applied force. Many people are disturbed by this and they end up concluding that is an occult practice but this is to the contrary. It is possible to know how to do and develop and this has proved to be a success to many. Try using the few tips below:

v  You need know how it works and how it is possible by believing that it is real and you will be able to do it. If you don’t believe in it, then you will be wasting you time because that attitude will act as an obstacle for you to learn telekinesis.

v  You need to have total concentration as that is the key thing to developing telekinesis. Choose an object that is light and start by being relaxed and clearing your thoughts eliminating things that distract you like stress.

v  Use your mind to the fullest in order to discover the other things that you are able to do.

v  Try to build up a relationship with the energy that is from your body so that you can send the energy out of you body, then to another part of your body say like your left hand.

v  After you have recognized the energy, decide whether to pull, push or even spinning the system.

v  Try to estimate how much energy is needed so as to move the object using physical force then correspond it to the energy felt in through your body. Do not change the system because you will have to start again from the beginning. You may stop if you start feeling tired.

Spell casting

This is a skill that is found in various communities all over the world that involves throwing magical spells to influence a person or something. It has a bad reputation to many people because it is involved with the occult communities like witchcraft and they are normally used by the wizards. There are a number of spell casting used such as witchcraft, divine, psychic, spiritual and arcane.

Successful tips for casting spells

ü  Choose a phase that will be appropriate for the casting. Different spells work on the different phases like your spell could work better if you perform the casting during the full moon.

ü  Use the right recipient such that when you are about to cast a spell that is love oriented you should try to find a candle that is red and not blue or green.

ü  Prepare your emotions and focus on the spell because you may bring out something that is contrary to what you wanted to do. An example is when you want to cast a spell on someone you hate, you should put hatred in your heart otherwise it would not work as expected.

ü  You must as often as you can do spell casting so that when you perform casting it may have strong influence on your outcome.

ü  You must commit yourself to your work and also believe in it so that they work according to your expectation

ü  You should put in mind that it does not matter how influential or powerful your spells are, because there are some things like the will of the universe that you can not change.

ü  Make sure that you cast the right spell so that your castings may work accordingly.

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